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3 Tips for Succesful Live Broadcating

Last night, Jeff Pulver and I broadcasted and recorded two short live shows from TLV and Frankfurt airport, en route to Stockholm. It was a lot of fun, we just opened a laptop and started broadcasting.

However, since we didn’t have a lot of viewers, it made us think about the means of increasing internet TV viewership in general, and particularly live broadcasting. Some of the things we found crucial:
1. Announce your show early enough, through blogs, Twitter and such.
2. Define a concrete topic to each show, so people would know what they are getting.
3. Find hosts that have good chemistry, so non scripted situations will flow and be as funny as the rehearsed ones.

We look forward to do several additional shows like these while in Stockholm – Hopefully with interesting and creative people from Podcamp.

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Next Week – VON Europe, Podcamp Europe

On Sunday I am flying to Stockholm, on behalf of IMTC. I am moderating a panel at VON Expo about the effect of IMS on the enterprise communication market, and visiting the co-located Podcamp Europe.
If you are coming to these events, feel free to drop me a line at, or text me at +972544958066.

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Hey, We Forgot Europe Again

A lot of our activities these days are focused on the American market. I mainly watch american online shows, and I was in a meeting couple of days ago, where some participants said that there is no real European online video industry.

As a person who lived in Germany for couple of years, it seemed extremely odd to me – and Mike Arrington came to the rescue, with his post today, where he mentioned the fact that 45% of Europeans watch online videos.

Next month we will be at Podcamp Europe, and meet all the great guys that are building this amazing industry there.

In the mean time – can anyone recommend good European online shows for me?

Don’t forget to come to Stockholm

Podcamp Europe is just around the corner, so don’t forget to register. The event takes place in Stockholm, on the 12-13 of June. Nice weather and great company guaranteed. Hope to see you there!

PodCamp Europe 12 – 13 June 2007 – Mark Your Calendar!

Chris and Chris are organizing PodCamp Europe at Stockholm. Free entrance, tons of interesting people, and the endless energizer networking bunny, will make this event an amazing un-conference as usual. Hope to see you there.

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