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Joining The Workbook Project

Last week I had a moment of joy thanks to the Workbook Project

The site, started by Lance Weiler, is an open source project for filmmakers, where independent filmmakers and other envelope pushers give tips and advices to filmmakers, analyze the industry, and provide valuable information to the entire industry.

I am reading it since it opened a couple of years ago, finding a lot of useful and thought provoking posts.

Therefore, it was great to be approached by Lance, and join the team. My first post can be found here.  I hope to contribute regularly to this important site, so don’t forget to visit…

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Why and How the Internet Changed The Concept of Fit To Broadcast And Reminded Us What Good Content REALLY Is

In the past things were clear – broadcast television required a specific level of production. Lighting, sound, camera quality – all were parts of the definition.

Not only that “fit to broadcast” affected quality of TV images and videos – it also affected the cost per production minute of TV material. This, coupled with ownership of screens and TV channels created a high barrier of entry to new players in the video and TV market.

YouTube, mobile phones, and citizen journalism changed it all. These three factors made sure that poor quality video crossed the boundaries of the Internet to prime time TV. average TV viewer is used to see poor quality video, taken with low end mobile phones video cameras or  web cams, as part of news flashes and entertainment shows.

But why these grainy and pixelated low quality videos are on broadcast TV? Because they tell a good story. Whether it is a Tsunami footage, extra funny lipsync, or unique view on a hot topic, viewers are willing to see low quality footage in case it is a high quality story.

In a past post I’ve argued that viewers are willing to accept low production quality in exchange for a good story. The fact that we take for granted YouTube clips on news flashes proves this point.

Therefore, a creator without a dime, that has limited resources, should remember that production value, though important, is just part of the equation. Great story, timely news flash, in-depth analysis, and believable characters are crucial for success, much more than HD camera, and great effects.

Indie creators best (online) Friends – Software Collections for Content Creators

In the last couple of weeks I came across several links with tons of software information for content creators.

Let’s start with the best option – free software for filmmakers. FreeGeekery sent me this link, with their best picks. They pretty much covered the main applications out there, with a clear description of each product and its features.

Chris Brogan was kind enough to share this huge collection of podcast production software, from Mashable, which led me to another collection of software and sites – this time in the video area.


3 Tips for Succesful Live Broadcating

Last night, Jeff Pulver and I broadcasted and recorded two short live shows from TLV and Frankfurt airport, en route to Stockholm. It was a lot of fun, we just opened a laptop and started broadcasting.

However, since we didn’t have a lot of viewers, it made us think about the means of increasing internet TV viewership in general, and particularly live broadcasting. Some of the things we found crucial:
1. Announce your show early enough, through blogs, Twitter and such.
2. Define a concrete topic to each show, so people would know what they are getting.
3. Find hosts that have good chemistry, so non scripted situations will flow and be as funny as the rehearsed ones.

We look forward to do several additional shows like these while in Stockholm – Hopefully with interesting and creative people from Podcamp.

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Weekend Links – Porn, Zombies, Players and Big Brothers

CinemaTech: Is Porn Industry an Indicator of How Quickly Mainstream Movies Will Go Digital? – probably is, though it will take longer for the others
The Business Of Online Video: RealNetworks Introduces New Player: We Already Have Too Many – totally agree, but give a good one which is not VLC player and I am happy.
NewTeeVee » Does Digital Fingerprinting Work?: An Investigative Report
– it seems that not really…
Help Izzy to make his wife happy – I watch his show, so I should at least help a bit 🙂
And, last but not least – how to be a Zombie on the cheap:

Have a great weekend!
Kfir Pravda

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Weekend Links

Some weekend links:

Om Malik has covers the new video regulations of EU and Japan

If you want to see more DIY tutorials, and learn about micro budget films, Microcinema Scene is the site for you.

And finally, one funny link I got from a friend – Jack Black has his own video creation tutorial. Did you know that he is a son of rocket scientists and shares the same birthday as the breathtaking Shania Twain? Makes you think…

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to have fun!

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Great Post about the difference between Audio, Video and Text for content creators

My friend Chris Brogan posted a great article in his blog about the difference between Video, Audio and text for content creators.

Here are the highlights:
1. Video is good for visual information – and that’s why interviews are often cut in the middle as they are boring to watch. it is an important point in my opinion especially for DIY content creators, as interviews are one of the cheapest content type to create.

2. Audio creates deeper relations between the listener and the speaker.

3. Text is a great tool to provide information as is.

Another important observation Chris is making, is that there is no one medium any more – you should use different types of media to deliver your message.

These are just the highlights – please go to the original post for more details.

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