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What is Internet TV – Part 1

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On July 2007, IDC had its first blogference. I asked several people there what is Internet TV for them. In the first part you can find at least two familiar faces…

Om Malik Starts Video Shows

When I asked Om Malik in a joint panel at Blogference if he has plans to go into podcasting and Internet Video shows, he said that he was thinking about this direction. Less than a month later, Om published his first show, in cooperation with Revision3. The show covers Internet trends and analysis, topics he analyze in his blog.

Contrary to what I thought, the initial aim of this product is not to get more advertising dollars. In a recent conversation, Om stated that he viewed video as a medium that surpass the limits of blogging – while posts has to be short and precise, online video enabled him to do long form interviews. Another angle I found interesting is that Om saw this medium as a mean to let viewers analyze the information given on their own, based on raw interviews.

And, as always, beyond the regular business concepts and needs, Om just stated that “it is fun” – I can’t agree more.

I wonder if we will see a lot of professional bloggers adding original video to their media offering. Video production requires different type of planning and production, it is more time consuming than blogging, and in today’s market, doesn’t necessarily brings more viewers than textual blogs. This would change if video production companies will tailor their service to fit bloggers, by reducing the planning and production overhead from the bloggers themselves. Script is especially crucial here – not necessarily a strong blogger’s capability.

In any case, if I was BlogTV or Ustream I wouldn’t hold my breath – when I’ve mentioned the option of having live sessions, he simply said that his schedule is too full for that. This is another proof that live broadcasting is not as appealing as pre-recorded content, an issue I’ve raised in a previous post.

Good luck Om!


GigaOm Killed The Radio Star?

Vlog and Make Money – The Ninja Way

Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine (aka Ask A Ninja) gave a great session about their views on how to create a successful vlog. The session, called 45 minutes film school (a homage to Robert Rodriguez‘s 10 minutes film school, a fact that made me an immediate fan of the guys behind the black uniform), took place in IDC’s blogference, earlier this week.

The Ninjas gave many tips, but here are the ones I found most important:

Organize your operation early – create a legal entity, and divide responsibilities in your team

List what you stop doing as soon as you have the money to do that (did anyone say editing?). This list will make you happier in rainy days

Clearly define your audience and resources. when you have a big idea, amazing concept, always keep in mind what are your real abilities – including time, technical resources, money and such.

Audio is more important than video. People will see a crappy video with great sound, but not the other way around.

Shoot quickly, as much as you can in one session

And, the most interesting thing for me, was their approach to their site. Ask A Ninja started early with their site, and drove as much traffic possible to their homepage. There is an opposite view, that you should push your video everywhere you can in order to get noticed. I wonder if the homepage centric strategy will work well with less viral content.

Thanks Ninjas for a great session!DSC00256 – A rare picture of a NinjaDSC00250 – A look that can killDSC00261 – Future Ninjas?

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Industry Event – Blogference Follow Up

The last two days I’ve attended Blogference, the first international Bloggers conference in Israel. The event, organized by the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, managed to create local buzz, that was increased when people learned about the impressive guest list:

DSC00253 Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, AKA Ask a Ninja

DSC00297 Justin Kownacki from

Something To Be Desired,

DSC00299Andrew Baron and Joanne Collan from Rocketboom,

DSC00268Om Malik from Gigaom,

and many others.

I had the pleasure to host two panels on the event: another installment of the Internet TV brainstorming, and a joint panel with Om Malik, where he gave tips to companies and bloggers about innovation journalism (in other words – how to get covered on his blog…).

More to come…

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BlogFerence -International Bloggers Conference

The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (Israel) is having the first International bloggers conference. The guys behind the event managed to bring some heavy weights- Om Malik, Andrew Baron from Rocketboom fame, Kent Nichols & Douglas Sarine from Ask a Ninja, and Justin Kownacki from “Something to be desired“. I am honored to join this event, doing a session on how to increase Internet TV viewership – similar to the one in Podcamp Europe. It will be very interesting to get local views on this topic, as well as do a brainstorming session in a conference (and not an un-conference…).

I am certain it is going to be an amazing event, thanks to the hard work done by everyone in IDC.

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