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How To Convince Your Boss To Use Social Media Marketing

  Every major company releases PRs. It is the most obvious step for marketers. In the last months I was talking with various market communication people about media strategy. While their eyes were shining when we discussed new methods to convey messages by using blogs and podcasts, most of them explained to me that they need to control the message of their company.

The basic mentality is “we say what we think and the rest (hopefully) listen” and “we control the media”.

Guys, don’t bother to learn about all these tools if you believe that you can implement press release tactics on social media tools. It won’t work. As simple as that. Social media tools are called like that because they are, well, social. And social means interaction. If you want to communicate differently, you have to think differently, talk differently and communicate interactively.

Don’t tell me about the rules of controlling media – because you never really did it. When people were saying bad things about your company in closed rooms, you couldn’t hear it. When people wrote negative opinions about your brand in forums, you needed to look for it. Now, with these tools you can really, but really know what people think about you, because they can leave comments on your posts, link them to their blogs and instantly interact with your message.

For that, like any other relationship, you have to give some in order to get some. The giving
is a bit more exposure, flexibility, and creativity.

You don’t have to do it. This is not an “innovate or die” post. You can easily send out another press release that will join the endless stream being dumped on the web and in newsletter. Why not? Your competitor is doing that, and you won’t get fired for another press release.

But you won’t be different either, won’t stick out in the crowd, won’t create added value to your brand. And maybe, just maybe, in this very minute, while you are reading this post, your competitors are having their pre-launch meeting for their new, slick social media strategy, while you are trying to figure out which quote to put first in your press release.

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Great Post about the difference between Audio, Video and Text for content creators

My friend Chris Brogan posted a great article in his blog about the difference between Video, Audio and text for content creators.

Here are the highlights:
1. Video is good for visual information – and that’s why interviews are often cut in the middle as they are boring to watch. it is an important point in my opinion especially for DIY content creators, as interviews are one of the cheapest content type to create.

2. Audio creates deeper relations between the listener and the speaker.

3. Text is a great tool to provide information as is.

Another important observation Chris is making, is that there is no one medium any more – you should use different types of media to deliver your message.

These are just the highlights – please go to the original post for more details.

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Marketing Highly Technical Non Profit Organizations

As some of you know, I am VP of Marketing and Business Development of IMTC, a non profit technology organization, focused on interoperability of video communication and content delivery technologies. Basically, our members test their video conferencing, streaming and other multimedia applications in real life scenarios, and cooperate with engineers around the globe in advancing this industry.

Marketing such an organization is a major challenge. First, its work is highly technical, making it hard to extract a marketing message and convey it to media channels. Second, budget is scarce, so regular “carpet bombing” tactics (let’s send 10,000 press releases to newswire across the globe, publish ads in newspapers, and buy booth spaces in 6 shows a year) simply cannot be implemented.

In the last six months, we’ve done several steps to tackle this challenge. As you know, we are having a panel at VON about the business perspective of standardization, where we present the business aspect of our work. But this is not enough – there are tons of business oriented panels. So, in order to make it more appealing, we invited Skype, which represent the opposite approach, to join the panel and argue that non-standard approach is better for business than ours. Nothing like a good fight to clarify a message!

Another important issue is how to create an ongoing relationship with the industry. Press releases are single sided. You send them out, shoot all over the place, and hope for the best. I think that PRs are important, especially for product companies, but one thing for sure – they do not create any relationship with readers. It’s like good old television.

I am proud to say, that after a long process, we have launched IMTC blog, with writers from the organization. The blog covers technology aspects of our work, and its affect on the market. We believe that in time, it will be a news source for unbiased information on multimedia communication and content delivery market today.

Blog solves two of the issues I’ve raised. It is cheap, and creates an ongoing relationship with our readers. There is also a good chance that it will simplify our media relations – especially with key bloggers.

However, an official IMTC blog has its own challenges. Unlike press release, there are more content contributors. This opens a whole new range of legal aspects that need to be addressed. Also, blog success is highly dependent on the rate of new posts ( I call it “the Feed-Me-Seymour” blog effect). IMTC is a voluntary organization, so finding contributors for a non technical activity is not just a walk in the park.

We’ve tackled these problems by forming an editorial team, which has two responsibilities: review all posts prior to publication for legal issues, and constantly contribute posts. editorial team volunteers are interested in creative writing, so it is fun for them, and good for the blog.

I am the Chief Editor of IMTC blog, so if any of the readers are interested in being guest bloggers, feel free to contact me.

I also want to thank Boaz Babai for supporting us in this process.

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