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Unified Communications Experts meet in San Francisco

200810141607.jpgIMTC is having its annual event on the 12th and 13th of November. The event is focused on unified communication and the way it supports business processes in the enterprise, as well as the blurring lines between corporate systems and online applications.

We have great speakers at the event – starting with Joe Burton, CTO of unified communication group in Cisco, Matt Collier, SVP of LifeSize communications, Ty Wang, Senior director of Product Marketing at Oracle, Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, Hakon Dahla, CTO of Tandberg, and Anatoli Levine, IMTC President. The event covers both cutting edge technologies (such as the world beyond H264, Scalable video coding today, and conformance methodologies) as well as business issues such as unified communication beyond click to call, social networks and the enterprise, Multimedia and tele-health and many more.

It is an exciting event, taking place in an exciting location – St. Regis hotel in San Francisco (personally I am asking myself where is the nearest Apple store, after today’s announcements). I am moderating several panels in the first day, and will be there through the event.

If you are in this business, or want to meet in San Francisco, you should come and say Hi. Here is the agenda, and you can register here.


Two Major Events In November

As some of you know I was busy in the last several months in making these two amazing conferences – both of them are open for registration:

IMTC Forum – IMTC, an international video consortium, is having its annual event in San Francisco this year. on 12th-13th of November, speakers from key video and unified communication companies, will gather to share their vision and exchange ideas about the future of unified communication. More details here

Rosh Pina Festival – just a week earlier, in Rosh Pina, digital media executives will meet celebs and TV moguls, to discuss the future of digital media. More details can be found here. Register ASAP, as the first 500 get 20% discount!

Hope to see many of my readers in these events, and stay tuned for more information about speakers and program in this blog.

Shana Tova!

IMTC Forum – Call For Speakers

As you might know, I am the VP of Marketing of IMTC, an international consortium in the video and UC area, which includes heavy weights such as Cisco, Radvision, Sony, Tandberg, Polycom, RealNetworks and others.

We are holding our annual Forum in November – please find below our official call for speakers:


2008 Fall Forum

Submission Deadline: August 15

Acceptance Notification: August 22

Technology Meets Customer Needs – Unified Communications Supporting Business

After a very successful 2007 IMTC Fall Forum Event, the IMTC is pleased to announce the 2008 Fall Forum Event taking place November 12-13, 2008 at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, CA near VoiceCON (which will be held November 10-13 at Moscone).

The audience will be comprised of C, VP and Director level business and technical execs as well as technical management. Attendees and speakers will represent small, medium and enterprise size companies.


The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) includes more than 50 market leaders in unified communications and multimedia content delivery fields working together to create interoperable, standards based products in a non-competitive environment.

IMTC’s mission is to improve customer experience and accelerate market adoption of content delivery and unified communications solutions through interoperability of products and services based on open standards.


The 2008 IMTC Fall Forum Event will feature a combination of keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, and individual presentations on new and exciting technologies relevant to multimedia communications.

Topics to include but not limited to the following:

  • Health care Industry Unified Communications Requirements
  • Financial Industry Unified Communications Requirements
  • Conformance Testing & Methodology
  • Online Collaboration

IMTC has launched an industry wide effort in the unified communications area, focused around creating a blueprint for unified communications implementations.

The forum will provide a venue for vendors, customers and analysts to come together to define the industry’s needs in the area of unified communications, and to create common and agreed upon implementation blueprints. The event will also provide the opportunity for the financial services and healthcare sectors to discuss their challenges and issues around the implementation of unified communications.

The program will combine business and technical sessions in multimedia telecommunications and Unified Communications. Submissions are currently being accepted for both business and technical subjects. All presentations will be given in English.

  • Presentations – Presentations will be 30 minutes in length, including 5-10 minutes for Q&A. We are looking for presentations about business use cases where unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration play a significant role, the advantages of using standard technologies from a business perspective or the technical aspects of unified communications projects and protocols.
  • Panel Sessions- Panels can take between 45 to 60 minutes. Unlike presentations, panel are a place of debate between different views and approaches to video conferencing and unified communications issues in addition to the topics above, panels will also cover the role of online collaboration in unified communications market.


IMTC is accepting session proposals via the email to Please include the following:

1. Name, title, company name & contact information

2. Brief biography

3. Presentation proposal with information on the vertical industry upon which your presentation will focus, and whether your presentation is more technical or business in nature. You are welcome to submit several distinct proposals.

We will be accepting proposals for consideration through August 15, 2008 and notifications of acceptance will begin the week of August 22, 2008.


The program committee will receive all valid proposals and will review them. The choice of a session will be based on the presentation of the session and its value to the audience. Submitters will be contacted individually about their session. All decisions taken by the program committee are final.

The quality of the proposal is very important and preference will be given to business related content for November 12 and technically focused content for November 13.

Questions can be directed to the IMTC planning committee at

We look forward to receiving your submission!


The IMTC Fall Forum 2008 Planning Committee

Video, Social Media, and Unified Communication

I am writing this post after (hopefully) overcoming my jet lag in San Jose, California. I first came to VON a year ago, and this year, in Spring VON, I am moderating 3 panels:

Over The Top Video
Tuesday 2:50 PM

Using the Internet and IP technology to deliver video services has dramatically changed the end user’s experience in both choice and control. Video options abound, from special interest portals and closed circuit programming to the new intelligent set-top devices that use computer processing to deliver rich digital options. What will these options mean to the access carrier and what does it mean for the future of content delivery?

What will keep them coming to TV, when will they turn to the computer? Will changing viewing habits continue to change the options for video delivery? Will picture quality play a determining factor in the success of these new services?

Stephen Dennison Director of CDN Solutions, Content Markets, Level 3 Communications
Maribel Lopez Research Analyst
, Lopez Research
Perry Wu, CEO
, BitGravity

Kfir Pravda IMTC Vice President of Marketing and CEO
, Pravda Media

Online Video and Social Media
Wednesday 4:50 PM

Integrating video into social media applications seems to be a natural fit. New online video sites are beginning to shift more toward community-oriented platforms, where people with common interests can experience video content with complete social networking functionality such as chat, text messaging and interest profiles. This panel examines the viral growth of social networking in combination with traditional broadcast media, user generated content, live broadcast and video chat and how it will affect our viewing future.

    Who will be attracted, and what are the benefits of online video to the social networker?
    Who are some of the companies today providing online video and social media?
    What online video advertising models will take effect in community sites?

      Matt Gore Vice President of Marketing, Paltalk
      Kathryn Jones Co-Founder,
      Rex Wong CEO, Dave Networks
      Kfir Pravda IMTC Vice President of Marketing and CEO
      Pravda Media

      Deploying Cross-Vendor Implementations in the Real World – a Customer View
      Thursday 3:00 PM

      A panel discussing the issues in implementing cross vendor communication solutions for video conferencing and unified communication.

      Mike Brosetti, CEO and Founder, Abovetel

      Dan Bruckner Director of IT Operations
      Stanford Hospital and Clinics
      Anatoli Levine
      IMTC President and Sr Director of Software Support RADVISION
      Kfir Pravda IMTC Vice President of Marketing; CEO
      Pravda Media

      I am also participating in the following panel:
      Reference Architectures for Content Delivery & Unified Communications
      Thursday 1:30 PM

      This panel will address how to extract content from enterprise communications and insert content into both communications and collaboration within the enterprise. This covers everything from conference recordings to social network content, and there are a few standards, but this is mostly unknown territory. The focus here is not on solving the problem in the panel, but identifying how critical an issue this is, and what the major challenges are.

      Mike Borsetti CEO and Founder, Abovetel
      David Boyer Chief Architect, Unified Communications Division

      Cary Bryan, Cisco Systems
      Kfir Pravda IMTC Vice President of Marketing; CEO Pravda Media
      Moderator: Anatoli Levine IMTC President and Sr Director of Software Support

      I am looking forward to hear the following panel:
      General Session: Real-Time Social Communications
      Tuesday 4:00 PM

      This session will explore the state of Social Communications.

      Jonathan Christensen General Manager for Video and Audio Skype
      Brad Hunstable Founder,
      Loic Le Meur CEO and Founder, Seesmic
      Robert Scoble Managing Director, Fast Company
      Ramu Sunkara CEO,
      Moderator: Jeff Pulver Chairman and Founder

      Moving Content from A to B: Issues and Options
      Tuesday 11:00 AM

      In a world of multiple devices with multiple connections to ‘open’ Networks and the virtualization of “The Deck”, multimedia content delivery is no longer about simply getting it there and billing for it later. It’s about dynamically choosing the least cost route and highest margin content sources…transcoding and transcrypting… ingesting from and publishing into multiple destinations simultaneously …intelligently generating and leveraging metadata for making recommendations and targeting ads…making efficient use of thenetworks at hand..and making sure everybody in the value chain gets paid. Come hear experts from Vantrix, Roundbox, and RealNetworks, discuss the challenges at hand and share best practices

      Jean Mayrand Co-Founder & CTO, Vantrix Corporation
      Vinod Valloppill Vice President Product Marketing, Roundbox
      Chris Steck IMTC CTO, and Director of Technology, RealNetworks

      If you are attending the event – email me at, or sms me at +972-544-9458066 and let’s talk!

      Your Company Got Blogger-Bashed? Take an Example From NewTek

      Bloggers affect public image of companies – and smart ones know to identify and respond to issues raised by this independent media source. The effect of bloggers doesn’t end in image only, but also harm stock price, as Engadget false report on iPhone release dates showed the market.

      However, smart management of these situation can not only fix damage done, but also improve company’s public image.

      Readers of my blog know that sometimes I politely bash companies. That was the case of NewTek, the creator of TriCaster, that I’ve covered in this post. The main issue that I’ve raised was their lack of responsiveness to, a company that used its product to push the envelope of online drama.

      Several hours after publishing the post, their CEO and President, Jim Plant left a comment thanking for the post and asking who was trying to reach them. I’ve asked Andrew from to touch base with Jim, and they’ve done so through the comments section, and later I’ve introduced them to one another via mail (based on the email address provided in the comment Jim left me). Not only that, the company later sent Philip Nelson, VP of Strategic Development, for a meeting with Andrew Lipson, and for a related panel in IMTC event.

      Not only that NewTek improved their image in the community, they also gained some publicity and reach to new market segments – only because they were responsive to what was written about them – in a timely fashion.

      So what are the most important points for companies in dealing with bloggers who bash them?

      1. Time– responding in a timely fashion to posts is a crucial part of communicating with bloggers. This requires an ongoing monitoring of blogsphere by companies and their marketing departments.

      2. Comments – though companies can contact bloggers directly, comments are visible to all readers. That way, even if a company doesn’t persuade the blogger that his bashing is wrong, at least the readers would see additional point of view on the topic.

      3. Top management involvement – getting top management to comment directly on blogs provide additional benefits – especially when the company is bashed. Just like a press conference, when a senior level official presents company views, readers see that the company sees a topic as important.

      4. Use real email addresses in comments – yes, I know, sounds strange, but the fact that I had the direct connection to Jim made things much easier, and raised NewTek’s credibility.

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      Internet TV, Podcamp Boston, Content Delivery and Unified Communication – all in 3 days…

      These weeks are full with amazing events. On Thursday, October 25th,  there is a local wordcamp, where I am participating the business blog panel, talking about social networks and your business, and then I am flying across the Atlantic to Boston.

      On Sunday, October 28th, 1000 at room 204a,  I am doing a brainstorming session discussing Internet TV and its false promise, as discussed in this post. It is a part of Podcamp Boston. After participating in Podcamp Europe, I can tell you that it is an amazing experience.

      Here is the promo:

      Last but not least, on Monday, the 29th of October, I am hosting IMTC Forum on content delivery and unified communications. In the event I am also moderating a content creators panel with great speakers such as Kathryn Jones from “35”, Grace Piper from Fearless Cooking, and Mark Pascarella from Gotuit Media.

      Some Exciting days ahead – looking forward to see you. Feel free to email me at if you want to meet.

      Marketing Highly Technical Non Profit Organizations

      As some of you know, I am VP of Marketing and Business Development of IMTC, a non profit technology organization, focused on interoperability of video communication and content delivery technologies. Basically, our members test their video conferencing, streaming and other multimedia applications in real life scenarios, and cooperate with engineers around the globe in advancing this industry.

      Marketing such an organization is a major challenge. First, its work is highly technical, making it hard to extract a marketing message and convey it to media channels. Second, budget is scarce, so regular “carpet bombing” tactics (let’s send 10,000 press releases to newswire across the globe, publish ads in newspapers, and buy booth spaces in 6 shows a year) simply cannot be implemented.

      In the last six months, we’ve done several steps to tackle this challenge. As you know, we are having a panel at VON about the business perspective of standardization, where we present the business aspect of our work. But this is not enough – there are tons of business oriented panels. So, in order to make it more appealing, we invited Skype, which represent the opposite approach, to join the panel and argue that non-standard approach is better for business than ours. Nothing like a good fight to clarify a message!

      Another important issue is how to create an ongoing relationship with the industry. Press releases are single sided. You send them out, shoot all over the place, and hope for the best. I think that PRs are important, especially for product companies, but one thing for sure – they do not create any relationship with readers. It’s like good old television.

      I am proud to say, that after a long process, we have launched IMTC blog, with writers from the organization. The blog covers technology aspects of our work, and its affect on the market. We believe that in time, it will be a news source for unbiased information on multimedia communication and content delivery market today.

      Blog solves two of the issues I’ve raised. It is cheap, and creates an ongoing relationship with our readers. There is also a good chance that it will simplify our media relations – especially with key bloggers.

      However, an official IMTC blog has its own challenges. Unlike press release, there are more content contributors. This opens a whole new range of legal aspects that need to be addressed. Also, blog success is highly dependent on the rate of new posts ( I call it “the Feed-Me-Seymour” blog effect). IMTC is a voluntary organization, so finding contributors for a non technical activity is not just a walk in the park.

      We’ve tackled these problems by forming an editorial team, which has two responsibilities: review all posts prior to publication for legal issues, and constantly contribute posts. editorial team volunteers are interested in creative writing, so it is fun for them, and good for the blog.

      I am the Chief Editor of IMTC blog, so if any of the readers are interested in being guest bloggers, feel free to contact me.

      I also want to thank Boaz Babai for supporting us in this process.

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