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Kathryn Jones is at it again, and How Not to Do Internet Video

I haven’t written lately due to professional and personal reasons (good ones, details are coming soon) but I wanted to give you all a heads up about two cool must see videos:

Kathryn Jones from 35, and her great husband Guiesseppe, are doing a new live show called “The Jabbo and Crabbo Show”. It is all about creators (bands, artists, videographers),and how to use the web and technology to distribute your content for free. It is done live, which means you can chat and talk with the host and other viewers, this time on Blogtv‘s platform. Check out the trailer:

Bill Cammack is always bitching around about the low quality of internet videos. As an Emmy winner, he knows what he is talking about, but I challenged him to do something about today’s web video quality.

The result is here:

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Shel, Feldman – In The Internet, Low Budget Doesn’t Mean Bad Production

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Shel Israel and Loren Feldman are fighting. Yep, a good old, ego driven, social media fight.

This clip started it all:

and Shel responded by saying

Now Matt, let’s talk about, which you deemed “unwatchable” because of my ineptitude as a videographer and because you think my interviews are unfocused and boring.I think you are being a bit harsh on the interview skills. I have lots of experience over a good number of years interviewing all sorts of people and my work has been historically well received. But what is true is that I suck as a videographer and my worries about that have so far hurt some of the five video clips we have posted.

The fact is that FastCompany.TV is being treated as start up, which is exactly what it is. That means low budget. While FastCompany is talking with several companies, there is no sponsor yet. The top priority for what we will do with a sponsor is to get an AV professional to work with me on a format for the show and to be with me for all my interviews. This will allow me to focus on the interviews themselves, and area where I am pretty confident.

Shel – I am all with you. It is hard to do good videos. But, in the Internet, you can make great looking videos with simple equipment. That’s the whole thing with videobloggers. Kathryn did a low cost production which looked great. Galacticast guys are shooting in their living room, and their show looks great as well.

There are some basic things that can help – editing, editing, audio and editing. It can be done with your own Mac. Nothing fancy. So let’s not blame lack of budget for all the things that are wrong with Internet video. I think there are couple of other things there too…

How can videbloggers leverage live video platforms?

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In a previous post I compared the feature set of some of the key live video platforms such as BlogTV. In this post I’d like to explore together with you, how can videobloggers leverage live platforms. By saying videobloggers, I am referring to creators who are making episodic content, that is produced professionally or semi professionally.

What is so special about live shows? I believe there are 4 main characteristics that make live vlogging unique:

1. Real time interaction – unlike blogging, where readers and bloggers interact a-synchronously, in live video platforms, one can chat with the broadcaster and others directly. this option opens a wide range of creative abilities.

2. Coverage of time critical events – sport and political events are great examples of media that losses it value as time goes by. If you don’t watch a football game live, knowing the score at the end of the game reduces your emotional reaction to the game itself. So, live coverage adds value to the media,

3. Expansion of the experience to those who couldn’t attend it

4. Capturing the energy of a live event.

So how could vloggers utilize this technology in order to augment their regular shows?

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. If you are vlogging about music, it’s a no brainer – shot a live gig, or interview the artist for a live Q&A session. This subject matter is the one that can benefit the most from this technology.

2. The same goes for politics. Q&A with a candidate, and streaming of a live debate with viewers comments are two simple ways to leverage this technology and enrich an already existing vlog

3. Live broadcasting can reduce production costs, especially of talk shows. I was looking into this topic in the past, and found that you can reuse live materials to create an edited version of your show. This way you can benefit in two levels: first, you are having a live talk show, that interacts with the viewers. Second, you reduce shooting time, as now you have the material for the edited version. Jonny is doing a great job in this field.

4. In a dramatic show, creators can do a special event of a live episode. Kathryn did a whole show like that, and I am certain that Andrew Lipson have a lot to contribute to this. However, even if one episode is done live and the rest is pre-recorded, producers can create an event around it, generating buzz from the fact that the episode is unfolded live and viewers can interact with the actors.

What are your thoughts? How can vloggers leverage this medium to enhance viewership of their shows?

They are glad to be alive too

Internet TV, Podcamp Boston, Content Delivery and Unified Communication – all in 3 days…

These weeks are full with amazing events. On Thursday, October 25th,  there is a local wordcamp, where I am participating the business blog panel, talking about social networks and your business, and then I am flying across the Atlantic to Boston.

On Sunday, October 28th, 1000 at room 204a,  I am doing a brainstorming session discussing Internet TV and its false promise, as discussed in this post. It is a part of Podcamp Boston. After participating in Podcamp Europe, I can tell you that it is an amazing experience.

Here is the promo:

Last but not least, on Monday, the 29th of October, I am hosting IMTC Forum on content delivery and unified communications. In the event I am also moderating a content creators panel with great speakers such as Kathryn Jones from “35”, Grace Piper from Fearless Cooking, and Mark Pascarella from Gotuit Media.

Some Exciting days ahead – looking forward to see you. Feel free to email me at if you want to meet.

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