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Economics of New Media Market – Link-O-Rama

NewTeeVee » Video Funding Keeps on Coming – post about financial rounds in the online video industry The Economics of Content – @ Streaming Media: Video Blogs Try To Hold On To New Media Values As Old Media Pays Attention – forwarded by a friend, this excellent post provides additional figures (wallstrip chapter costs 2500$, Scobleshow makes 6 figures for Podtech a quarter).

The Business Of Online Video: Mogulus,, ScanScout and Black 20 All Get Funding – another post about video related financial rounds.

VentureBeat » raises single-digit millions for online TV channel service, from prominent European investors.


3 Questions Rising From (rumors of) WallStrip Acquisition

Just read the confirmation from Techcrunch regarding the deal rumors about WallStrip. It seems that CBS just bought them for the staggering sum of 5M$.

If this is true I wonder:

1. Will we see more VCs going into this field?

2. Will WallsStrip escape the fate of Amanda Congdon?

3. Is this industry being bubblised so soon?

More to come…

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