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Two Major Events In November

As some of you know I was busy in the last several months in making these two amazing conferences – both of them are open for registration:

IMTC Forum – IMTC, an international video consortium, is having its annual event in San Francisco this year. on 12th-13th of November, speakers from key video and unified communication companies, will gather to share their vision and exchange ideas about the future of unified communication. More details here

Rosh Pina Festival – just a week earlier, in Rosh Pina, digital media executives will meet celebs and TV moguls, to discuss the future of digital media. More details can be found here. Register ASAP, as the first 500 get 20% discount!

Hope to see many of my readers in these events, and stay tuned for more information about speakers and program in this blog.

Shana Tova!


Microsoft Releases New Ads – Admits Apple’s Marketing Superioruty

Ok, so I am a bit obsessive about the new Microsoft ads, waiting for something interesting to happen. After they kicking Seinfeld out, Microsoft is jut reaping off the Get a Mac campaign. It starts with a Microsoft employee, who says that PC made into a stereotype, and show others who are using PC. Back to lame kingdom.

Technology, Media and Celebs Meet at Rosh Pina Festival

A gathering of international speakers from US and European media industry, startups, technology companies, interactive agencies, investors, TV stars and executives is taking place in Rosh Pina, Israel, on 5th-8th of November.

In the last 8 years, Rosh Pina Festival was all about the TV industry, positioning itself as the place to be for executives, creators and business people.

This year, Ami Giniger, head of Taya Media Group, the main organizer of the event, decided to extend the festival to digital media – and cover the effects of technology on the international media market. As a part of this change, Yossi Vardi became co-chair of the event.

Therefore, I was thrilled when asked by Taya to be the principal organizer of the digital track. For me, it is like being a kid in a candy store – creating an international conference in the topic I am so passionate about. Though require a lot of heavy lifting (and if you follow my twitter you know that), it is an exciting role, and I am happy to say that we are going to have an amazing event, with speakers from the local, US and European media and digital industry, research companies, and a lot of innovation and startups. And, yes, a lot of TV starts and celebs (let’s face it, geeks are cool, celebs are…. at least as cool…)

Some of the speakers are well known in the Internet TV circles – we managed to get Mike Hudak from out of his lavish NYC offices to the stages of Rosh Pina, as well as Robert Millis. Jeff Pulver will talk about disruption in the media industry. But that’s not all. IDC Research will present NBC’s Internet strategy, ESPN will present its multi-platform activities, H3G will present mobile TV case studies,Newtek‘s CEO, Jim Plant, will discuss live broadcasting,  and we are expecting some exciting presentations from Microsoft.

We decided to add a lot of innovation to the event. Therefore, after every panel, we will present a startup that is changing the media landscape. This angle makes the event the place to be for startups, investors and VCs.

Please email me for more information ( If you are interested in blogging about it, let me know, and please tag all relevant content with the following tag: Roshpinafestival08

Feel free to join our Facebook group as well. 

Stay tuned for more info about panels, speakers and cooperation opportunities.

Microsoft campaign is getting (a bit) better

Here is the second video of Microsoft’s campaign:

A bit better, but still doesn’t match the Mac vs. PC one:

New Mac Anonymous Episode

Early this week we released another episode of Mac Anonymous – The Hebrew Video Podcast for Mac Addicts. Enjoy!

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You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, and Miro

Innovation in News – A Top Down Approach

Inform, Educate, Entertain... Expose?Image by inju via Flickr

We all know that the news industry is highly affected by technology – starting with the rise of bloggers as a news source, through the usage of UGC in mainstream news reporting, the reduction of cost of live broadcasting, the introduction of video to newspapers websites, collaborative news gathering, and the usage of social media tools to notify readers and create discussions around news items.

However, how can one evaluate the level of innovation of a news organization? Here are some of our thoughts:

1. Release of hot off the press news through the day, without limiting hot items to a specific news hour or editionTV news organizations expanding to the internet face a challenge – should they compromise the rating of their main edition by releasing hot items on the internet first? The same goes for newspapers and radio. This is a case of innovation – the internet strong point is the fact that news can be dispatched instantaneously 24×7, while traditional media is all about creating and maintaining viewership and readership peaks.

2. Creation of direct to web video news clips – today the cost of a video journalist is much lower than in the past. Newspaper websites already have in some areas video journalists – a role traditionally exisitng in the TV business only. Online news consumers do not divide media based on it sources (such as TV, papers and radio), but based on the information itself.

3. One news desk,  many platforms – while in traditional media, a newspaper has its own platform and news desk, one will think that news innovation should integrate all the platforms and create a unified desk per topic. So, for example, a desk covering the Pallin affair would be a stand alone operation in a newspaper, while others will focus on getting the best information, and “repurpose” it to the relevant platform.

4. Social media as a part of a news gathering game – does a news outlet use social networks and blogs as source of information?

5. Social media as a part of a distribution strategy – does a news outlet use social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter) and blogs as a distribution platform?

6. Audience interaction – does a news outlet interact with viewers, through its own site, as well as social networks?

7. Distributed approach – does a news outlet allow others to embed its content in their sites, social networks profiles and so on?

How does your news room operate? What are the challenges you are facing? what is the role of innovation in the success of news organizations, and how do they evaluate it?

(written in collaboration with Lara Greenberg, former South African journalist and current student of the School of Communications at IDC Herzliya).

Microsoft Launches The Stupidest Campaign Ever

For two years Apple is bashing Microsoft with their clever “Get a Mac” campaign:

Microsoft’s image, already problematic, already under attack for their failing Vista operating system, took a beating without an adequate response. But now, finally, the Redmond giant woke up to strike back. So they took an amazing creative company, and decided to get Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld together on screen to show that Microsoft is not that bad. Doesn’t matter that Seinfeld show ended ten years ago. Doesn’t matter that in all of its season, one can clearly see a Mac in the Jerry’s living room.

Jerry, Are you nuts???
Nothing will stop the Redmond giant from spending $300M on a campaign to save its dignity – and here is the result:
If you are asking yourself “what was that?” you are not the only ones. WHAT WAS THAT???
It is just sad. I have a lot of respect for Crispin Porter and Bogusky, and they are one of the most innovative and creative guys out there. But what we see here is another round where Apple gets the upper hand.

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