Blogday 2008 – 5 blogs I love reading

I read many blogs, but here are 5 ones that you probably missed:

Macblogz – cause in one site I have all the news I need

Macvideo – cause they have a lot of interesting interviews and analisys of the pro video industry

Techdirt – cause their cynicsm make me laugh in the morning

PDA – cause Jemima Kiss provide a lot of insight to the UK media industry

BBC Internet blog – cause BBC guys are doing some amazing things in the borderline of TV and Internet, and I love to get updates straight from the source.

Have a great day, and a happy blogday!


1 Response to “Blogday 2008 – 5 blogs I love reading”

  1. 1 avivhadar September 3, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Hey Kfir,

    Aviv from here.

    Really glad to hear that you love our site so much 🙂 The entire concept arose because we simply could not stand RSS readers, and the Mac community was getting unorganized. So, we developed our own solution.

    We’ve got a really nice redesign cooking, we’re going to enhance the community section as well as give the entire site a bit more breathing room.

    Think less ads, faster load times (although the site is really speedy right now), nicer layout… It’s going to be great!

    Anyways, let us know any feature requests or anything that you would personally like to see/use. Maybe they’re in line with our development plans for the site 🙂


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