NBC Olympics Shows The Revolution Is Not There Yet

NBC is using Microsoft’s technology and infrastructure for their Olympics video sites, serving 2 million unique users.

Beet.tv has a great interview with Eric Schmidt, Director of Media and advertising Evangelism in Microsoft:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1176866&dest=-1]

The network is also seeing this event as a promoter of technology for newbies and non technical people:

…”To some extent, the Olympics are beginning to influence how people use new technology,” said Alan Wurtzel, research president for NBC Universal…

However, the revolution is not there yet:

…By far, however, television is still the preferred format. Of the estimated 107 million people to experience at least a few minutes of the Olympics on Sunday, 95 percent watched it on TV, NBC said….The number of people requesting Olympic content over their phones is still relatively small — 494,506 on Sunday and 476,062 on Monday — but NBC executives say they’re stunned at how many of those never used the phones for this purpose before…

The reason might be that HDTV experience is richer than what online video can offer today. Two questions rise from these figures:

Does this mean that live sports, the holy grail of mobile content – does not fulfill its promise? And would things change when online HD infrastructure, coupled with internet connected TV set will be a common media product?


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