NYC – Everyday There’s a Netowrking Event


Image by John Federico via Flickr

Though here on vacation, I am taking the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in NYC video and social media industry. Lucky for me, there are good people who are making it much easier:

Jeff Pulver is hosting another legendary breakfast this morning

Yaron Samid is hosting a NY Video 2.0 event tonight (thanks Bill!)

– Though I don’t participate, I hear that PdF is a great event as well.

The local community is so vibrant, that you just can’t miss a thing. Also met some very interesting and smart people one on one – details soon.

If you are coming to one of these events – come and say hi!

As soon as I return to Israel, I’ll return to regular updates of this blog…


1 Response to “NYC – Everyday There’s a Netowrking Event”

  1. 1 Adam Daniel Mezei June 24, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    KP, if you catch any cool vids at Yaron’s event tonight — can you fire off the links?

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