Qik, Flixwagon – Scoble is wrong

Robert Scoble published a thoughtful post on Techcrunch, regarding the future of live mobile broadcasting. While Robert is one of the smartest people in the social media circles, I have to say that he missed the point here.

Robert saying that Qik and Flixwagon has no future cause Kyte already has it all:

Here’s why I think Kyte will dominate over Qik and Flixwagon:

  1. The distribution system that Kyte has built is much better than either Qik or Flixwagon. Translation: the embeddable player that Kyte.tv has is much better than Qik or Flixwagon, more on that in a second.
  2. The chat room that Kyte has built is much better than Qik or Flixwagon and can be participated in from other cell phones, something that Qik and Flixwagon can’t do.
  3. The ability to mix videos from your webcam, live videos streaming from your web cam, recorded videos from camcorders, or from places like YouTube, along with both recorded and streamed videos from your cell phone goes way beyond what Qik and Flixwagon have done today.
  4. Kyte.tv can play videos on an iPhone today. Neither Qik or Flixwagon can do that.
  5. Kyte.tv can play videos on a Nokia today. Both from your recordings and other people’s. Neither Qik or Flixwagon can do that.
  6. Kyte.tv is partially funded and supported by Nokia. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is. Nokia is using Kyte’s service internally too, and I’m sure Nokia is giving Kyte better engineering support than it’s giving Qik or Flixwagon.
  7. Kyte.tv is way ahead of Qik and Kyte in getting real mainstream celebrities like 50 cent on its service, which means its growth is way stronger.

I believe that content, not features, will win the market.

Dominance in live streaming, mobile and online, is not based on features. Look at the live streaming business – a lot of the competitors have the same feature set, and if not, it takes couple of months for laggers to play catch up. In this industry, features cannot win the market, as it is too flat to gain market share.

It is content strategy that will win the battle. The market player which will have the best video content, the best talents, and the best fit between live events and the mobile streaming application, will dominate this field. Only if Kyte would manage to strengthen point 7 in Scoble’s argument, they will win the market. But, it is just a matter of smart business development moves from their competitors, to change the market situation.


1 Response to “Qik, Flixwagon – Scoble is wrong”

  1. 1 Bill Cammack June 27, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    I haven’t researched mobile at all, since I don’t even USE a mobile phone for video, but I agree that without good content, features are absolutely useless.

    Who cares that you can mix content from different sources if ALL your content SUCKS? I haven’t heard of one show YET where someone’s said “The show is garbage, but their social networking capabilities are FANTASTIC!”.

    This is because the technology is AHEAD of people’s ability to create good programming USING that technology. Look at what happened when they opened Justin.tv to the public. Anybody and everybody started broadcasting themselves live. Did that make their shows good? No. It made it so that people with no entertaining skillz could be seen and heard across the globe. So what? Same thing with all this extra stuff.

    Basically, these so-called “shows” are getting their hits from popularity of the people involved, NOT because of the technology that’s being utilized. The exact same person could put their material on Qik, Flixwagon or Kyte, and their fans are going to go click on the content. The “entertainment value” is in watching their heroes do something today / this week… NOT whether that person can mesh video from different sources.

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