Linkedin new interface, Friendfeed cool registration process, Spokeo is Spooky, and One Missing Mac Application

In the last couple of days I stumbled across some old and new sites:

  • Linkedin homepage is completely redesigned. Personally I like it, as it is much clearer and easier to use. Most of the comments on Mike’s post about it don’t agree with me. Clean design is one of the two secrets of great web application in my opinion, and Linkedin are going the right direction
  • Friendfeed is a cool application that creates, well, a feed of your friends’ activities across platform. Nicely done. Loved the Facebook application, which imports your friends’ info to Friendfeed automatically. this is the second secret of a strong web application – don’t make the user work for you – work for the user. What’s the difference from Plaxo Pulse? Well, the interface is much cleaner, and adding feeds is easier in a sense. Brian has some interesting input on this topic as well.
  • Ahuvah directed me to another service called Spokeo. It provides the same value proposition of Friendfeed, but automatically imports all your social graph feeds from OTHER platforms. Meaning, when I added my friend email address from Gmail, it automatically added their Flickr, Twitter and other feeds to the feed stream. Though content is not presented as feed, but rather as folders, it is still cool. And spooky at the same time. Reminds you to be very careful about privacy settings in the various platforms.
  • Last but not least – this is a cry for help. I love my Mac dearly, but still couldn’t find a decent blogging editor for it. I am using Qumana, but I am far from being happy with it. Images are not imported correctly and it does not support WordPress tagging. I am sad to say that I am looking for something like what Microsoft did in Windows Live Writer. Have a great Weekend!K.Tags: , , , , , , ,

1 Response to “Linkedin new interface, Friendfeed cool registration process, Spokeo is Spooky, and One Missing Mac Application”

  1. 1 Tsahi Levent-Levi February 29, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    For an editor, check out Ekto.

    While you’re at it, there are other tools out there for Mac bloggers.

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