Social Networks are NOT a Cure For Stupidity

Every time I talk with people about Facebook and social networks I learn a lot. Different people have different views on the application of these sites, how to use them, what is proper and what not.

In one of the panels I’ve attended, The following argument was raised: Facebook is not a business tool, and people are put disturbing pictures and details in their profiles that get them fired.

Well, we all saw those stories about people who lost their job because they’ve put inappropriate information in their profile. The best one I’ve heard was about that guy who asked a vacation so he can attend his grandmother’s funeral – and then posted pictures of the crazy party he attended, mysteriously on the same time as the funeral (thanks the beginner and Sean MacGuire for the link).

For all those who fear this aspect of social networks I can only say this:

Having a profile on a social network does not prevent you from being stupid. It just amplifies it. So if you had the liberty to be the village fool – now you can do the same job, just in global proportions.

Don’t blame social networks for the way people use them. They are just a tool that reflects your personality. Handle it with care – just like in any other online service.

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