Guest Writer Guy Nesher – Who needs Miro?

Miro, formally known as Democracy Player took upon itself an important mission – preventing videoblogging services from monopolizing the market.
While Miro does offer several interesting features for both viewers and producers it lacks two key functionalities which, in my opinion, can determine the outcome of the videoblogging industry.
Most video producers rely on videoblogging site to create relationships with advertisers.
In a situation where a videoblogging site becomes dominant in the market almost every producer will use it as it will be able to offer superior revenue share or exposures to their customers.
At this time Miro does not attempt to provide an alternative to the videoblogging sites revenue sharing plan. This in turn means that most producers which relay on commercials to fund their projects will not have a true alternative to the dominant videoblogging site.
The second feature video producers seek is a way to promote their content, especially if they are new to the market and try to stand out among the thousands of creators. Today, most videoblogging sites promote content using 3 methods : 1. user generated comments and ranking, 2. editorials promoting content on the blog/main page 3. content discovery mechanism which help viewers discover new movies based on their preference
Miro on its part does offer some content discovery tools however they are inferior to those present in most videoblogging sites. The application lacks user generated recommendations and instead uses a sister site ( which offers “social bookmarking for videos” but is only partly integrated into Miro. Furthermore, Miro does not offer editorials nor does it uses any content discovery mechanism which will allow its user to “stumble” into relevant new content.

Without these two key abilities, it is doubtful if Miro could prevent a videoblogging site from dominating the market. If Miro is seriously interested in reaching its goal I would suggest changing its current tactic and place a greater emphasis on the tools offered by current videoblogging sites in an attempt to provide an alternative.
Of course Miro can continue and provide its current product which still offers great video player and RSS aggregation.

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1 Response to “Guest Writer Guy Nesher – Who needs Miro?”

  1. 1 naisioxerloro November 29, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Good design, who make it?

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