Jeff Pulver Opens a New Consultancy

Jeff Pulver, the guy behind VON, VoIP revolution and an Internet TV addict, is opening a new consultancy.

the Pulver Consulting  group will provide services to startups and early stage companies, as well as established players trying to figure out how to compete in face of disruption. as a person who was involved in creating some of these disruptions, his insights are very valuable.

I know Jeff from his Internet TV period, and the links he found between the processes happening now in this market and the early VoIP era helped me understand the market dynamics and position my business accordingly.

One thing for sure – if you are looking for nice charts and 70 pages presentation with a lot of boxes and arrows – he is not the guy for you. But if you are looking for concrete advice, amazing contacts and flare, I am certain that Jeff is the right person.

For more details, please check this post.

Good luck Jeff!

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