Vloggers’ Online Hubs Project

The vlogging industry is young.  As such, sharing ideas and lessons learned are keys for success.

I’ve taken upon myself an ambitious mission – to map all Vloggers’ online forums and groups. At the end of the process I will publish an OPML file for the community, that will help all us keep in touch and meet new people.

The first two groups on my list are:

1. Yahoo! Vloggers group – active community with  a lot of insights to the industry

2. Facebook Internet TV group – international group with 240 members

How can you contribute?

Where do you hang out and exchange ideas? What are the most important forums in Europe and the Far East?

Please drop me a line, or leave a comment with the group’s name, URL, and focus (territory, type of discussions etc).

Let’s help each other connect!

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1 Response to “Vloggers’ Online Hubs Project”

  1. 1 Liby August 6, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Kfir hi,

    What about the Video TLV group you are a part of?
    I think it is worth mentioning no 🙂

    We just opened the group in Facebook and there is a link in the Meetup organizing webpage: newmedia.meetup.com/68/

    Best regards,
    Liby Katz.

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