Would PLYmedia Video Enhancement Platform Change Our Online Video Experience?

PLYmedia developed in the last couple of years a technology that enables users and content creators to add information, graphics and links to flash based videos. This technology can be used in various ways – starting with subtitling, through adding “bubbles” (think VH1 popup video show) up to innovative applications such as dynamically change street signs in a pre-recorded show. As my friend Blonde 2.0 wrote, the possibilities are truly endless, and I recommend all of my readers to check out their applications – some of them are pretty amazing. As a guy who bought the Godfather trilogy just for the extra features DVD, the thought of having the ability to add multiple layers of information and links to video content made me feel like a kid in a candy store. This is a great example of how companies can embrace the Pulver‘s “Digital Popcorn” vision.  

I believe that smart business development and marketing activities can make this company a huge success. However, they face major challenges, especially in drawing users and creators to their technology.

For example, subPLY, the subtitling solution the company offers is quite advanced. Users can not only add subtitles, but also see tags that represent the content of the subtitles, and based on that jump to specific parts of the video. However, the company is not yet integrated with sites such as blip.tv (Dina, give them a call 🙂 ). That means that if I use subPLY, my hits are not counted in blip.tv – which affects my stats and advertisement dollars. It should be noted that PLYmedia are already integrated in several video sharing sites, but most of them are not relevant to Internet TV producers.

I believe that PLYmedia can be an amazing success. If they  embrace creators directly by presenting their products in at Podcamps and film festivals, integrate their products in the business aspects of the creation process, and create clear usage scenarios for both creators and users, I am certain that usage, awareness and business success will come.


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