Every Day Heroes – How Community and Technology Create New Internet TV Shows

My friend Jeff Pulver have strong views on a lot of things. One of them is the belief that everyone is a hero:

My belief is that everyone has a story.

Some of them are amazing people with amazing stories. Some people have overcome some great odds before the point where they got to be standing there to speak with you. Some of these people have taken on major challenges and overcame them. Some of these people inspire others. Some are people who challenge the status quo, who make a difference.

Every one has a story to tell. But you need to be there to listen to it. One cool aspect is that once you hear these stories, you will never look at that person the same way ever again.

But Jeff doesn’t stop there. He wants to document these heroes, to make his point, to show the world the importance of interaction with the guy next door.

In the past, Jeff would have needed to hire a production company, with equipment and production know how, to do the job. The company would have charged him XYZ thousands of dollars, and the project would have materialized couple of years from now.

But today, the combination of community and cheap production equipment makes this vision a reality in a simpler way. instead hiring a production company – Jeff simply asked his readers:

So go outside and take your video cameras and your microphones with you. Join our “Everyday Heroes Project” and help provide a voice to the people who are part of your everyday lives, but until now have been silent. Post these stories to the web, to Blip.tv or YouTube or Brightcove or wherever you post your videos. Tag them “everydayheroes” and share them.

That’s it. I am certain that many will answer his call, and this project will be a success. I am also certain that the production value of the clips will vary, but in this specific media campaign it doesn’t really matter.

This is a cutting edge example how community, cheap production and prominent industry figure can create new media projects, on the cheap.

Stay tuned for new video clips as they are uploaded to your nearest video sharing platform…

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