Easily Read Independent Views and Information about Medie, Technology and Rebel Filmmaking

Hi, and thanks for dropping by. Here are two simple ways to get updated information and insights from my blog, about the world of media, technology and rebel filmmaking :

1. If you are using Google Reader, or any other RSS reader, please press here.

2. If you are more of an email kind of person, please press here.

I’ve also made several changes in this blog – to help you, my readers, gain more benefits from this site, and quickly find the information that interest you:

1. You can now get all the information via RSS or email with full posts.

2. You can now find this blog under the domain http://www.pravdam.com – no need to go to wordpress domain anymore.

3. Some posts have a digg button – feel free to… mmm… digg them! You can also find relevant Technorati tags at the end of the posts, and can add this blog to your Technorati favorite by pressing the Technorati logo on the right sidebar. All posts are bookmarked in del.icio.us. Feel free to do the same, by pressing the bookmark button on the far right side bar.

4. You can see some of my flickr pictures as well on the right side.

5. Instead of a lengthy category list, you can find all categories in a cloud. Also, I am in a process of dividing all tags to main categories:

Business, Strategy, and Marketing – all about the business side of the industry.
Social Media – thoughts, applications, and usage of social media tools.
DIY and Tutorials – hands-on tutorials
Industry Events– coverage of industry events
Law– the legal aspects of the industry
Products, Applications and Equipment – all you need to know about new products and companies out there, including critical review
Shows, Films and Creators – the creators and their work

If there is anything else you would like to see in this blog, including specific widgets, or ways to find information in my blog, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for your support,

Kfir Pravda


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