New Web Series – Date:Unknown or How Social Media Affects The Battle of the sexes

I got a note today from Brandon Fletcher, the guy behind Can You Tube Hear Me, about a new web series he just launched, called Date:Unknown. This is a dating reality show, about people meeting for the first time on camera, after talking online and connecting via various social networks. So it is kind of the hype of web shows, on top of the hype of social networks, on top of the hype of reality shows 🙂

The production pays for the date, and also offers some safety in first meetings of online friends. The whole show is filmed, edited and scored by Brandon, 20 yrs old New Yorker with a lot of passion for the trade.

I saw the first chapter which can be best described as  a documentary about how social media affect the battle of the sexes.


Here is a short interview I’ve had with Brandon today, showing his great approach to life:


KP: Where did the idea for the show come from?

BF The idea didn’t necessarily come from a specific thing. I randomly just come up with a bunch of ideas out of the blue. This was just one that I chose to execute because I believe it was different and had the potential to be huge. I was seeing a lot of stories about people meeting others online and then getting killed or abused when they meet in person. So this is basically just my effort in providing a safe way for those who are skeptical.

KP Do you have media background, and what equipment do you use?


BF I interned with a media company and learned the basics. I use a Canon GL2, and edit using iMovie (stock Mac video editor).
KP How do you think social media help people meet and interact?


BF I think social media helps people meet and interact by providing more info about the persons they communicate with. It makes it easier for people to choose who they want and narrow down the criteria. You also get a sense of how educated they are by seeing how well they type, etc.

KP What are the 3 biggest challenges you have today.

BF I never look at anything as a challenge. I try to see the most complicated tasks as the easiest, therefore nothing is impossible. The YouTube trip was a great journey (KP – a trip to YouTube HQ, to convince them to feature his content). My main reason for it was to inspire others to take control of their future and to do whatever it takes to get the job done.


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