In The Motherhood – A New Web Series

I came across this show today – In The Motherhood. Tagged as the first series by moms, for moms, and about moms, this web show features Leah Remini as, well, a mother, and her two friends.

The show’s site has all the usual features such as actors space, playlist, viewers community etc. A nice feature though is that mothers are encouraged to send their stories, the best ones are adapted to be a part of the show (plus, the writers get some goodies from the sponsors, Sprint and Suave).

What I really love in this concept is that it approaches a different segment than usual webshows. Unlike Prom Queen, targeted at youth, this show is targets mothers, not necessarily heavy online video consumers. I hope that “In the motherhood” will prove that we can bring new audience to the web TV space, as another phase in getting recognition for this new industry.

Having said that – the production looks very professional. I counted several cameras, pro light equipment, dollys etc. I wonder if these shows are economically viable when they approach new segments.

I didn’t find any information about the production company behind it, and I’ll be happy to hear more – so if you guys are reading this post, please send me a quick email, or leave a comment.


Leah Remini – a cool mom!


2 Responses to “In The Motherhood – A New Web Series”

  1. 1 Sabine Hilten May 23, 2007 at 4:25 am

    I LOVE this site–and I’m not even a mom! The movies are so funny and professional–way better than half the stuff on tv. Keep it up and I’ll keep watching.

  2. 2 Teresa Burhcam July 13, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    I watched the five episodes yesterday (MSN) and I thought I was going to wet myself with the child using the chapstick on the cat!

    What a great way to get some laughter at work!

    Thanks keep it up.

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