5 Characters We All Met in The Social Media Space

All of us are using social media products. Some of us are members of Linkedin. Some are members of Xing. Some of us like to listen and comment to podcasts, and one thing for sure – we all read blogs (hey, you are reading this post…).

Jeff wrote a nice post about social networking ethics. It made me think about the different characters we often meet in the 2.0 space:

The Babe – she is good looking and she knows it. Her flickr shows it clearly. She has a great head shot in her profile, and sometimes she even adds some innuendos to her writing. Surprisingly enough she has a lot of online friends. And I say – we want more!

The Plaxo Spammer – he switches companies every week, and have new contact details every other day. From some strange reason he thinks that we all need to know his current mailing address, phone number and birthday. He uses Plaxo to notify us all, and asks us for our own details. And I say – man, we don’t care about your new job. If you were a friend we’d have known about it anyway. Do us all a favor and keep a Gmail account, so if we want to find you, we know how.

The Obsessive Networker – he has accounts in Linkedin, Plaxo, Facebook, Ning, and in social network sites in Madagascar. No site is too small for him, no country is too little. If he has less than 5000 contacts in each site, he feels that he failed. He puts his connection amount after his name, as if it is a medal. And I say – social networks are all about connecting with PEOPLE and not PROFILES. Think about it before you send another connection request. And no, I am not talking about good people who actually help others to communicate and meet.

The Virtual Stripper – he writes everything in his blog and twitter. Everyone know what he did last night, including the dental floss he used before going to sleep. He also writes useful posts in his blog – but they are hard to find. And I say – we care. And we don’t. At least tag the personal things accordingly.

The I-Am-All-About-Business Guy – he never, never writes anything personal about himself in his blog. He thinks that his picture without a suit is personal enough, and never voices his opinion if it is controversial. He never talks about his wife, kids, favorite shows. He is here for business, and that’s it. And I say – I understand you, but this is a different kind of media. Tell us a little bit. Not much. It will be enough.

What other kind of people did you meet in the social media space?


6 Responses to “5 Characters We All Met in The Social Media Space”

  1. 1 Justin Kownacki May 4, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    The Namedropper: I may have no idea what this person actually DOES, but I certainly know who he KNOWS, because he won’t stop mentioning them. And I say – Citing quotes and referencing anecdotes is fine for social or metaphorical communication. But no one needs to read another 20 Twitters about who you sat next to on the hotel shuttle back from the conference.

  2. 2 David Kowarsky May 5, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    The Babe–And I say – we want more!

    We need to break this down.

    1. The Cool Hacker Chick – Not necessarily traditionally attractive (i.e. statuesque blonde) but often works the geek chic. Her salient characteristic is that she’s actually capable and contentful and interesting. And I say — Yes, more! Bring on the chicks with brains!

    2. The Benevolent Butterfly – Very much the described Babe, but content doesn’t matter much, because she just adores putting people in touch with each other when they can help each other out. Genuinely community oriented. And I say – More, sure! But the hazard is that you often find the surface of the benevolent butterfly, but run into…

    3. The Middle School Gossip – girl who discovered social networking in college (she may still be there), when she hadn’t really grown up anyway and still views the whole thing as an popularity contest whether she says so or not. So she’ll show cleavage and skin and say a whole lot of shocking shit to get friends and wangle connections for personal gain the way women have been doing for CENTURIES (but now there’s a handy little number to show how much better than any other given someone she is doing at this) but never do much of anything really significant. And she doesn’t put out. Or she does put out and then goes all fucking psycho on you and you wish you hadn’t even GONE there. One of her most defining characteristics, and why she needs all this attention in the first place is that she’s horrendously insecure. So, the more worried you are about this being you, ladies, the more likely it is. And I say – STAY ON MYSPACE! There’s no hope for that godforsaken wasteland of the web at this point anyway! But keep your flickr account so I don’t have to surf through the free sections of amateur porn sites ‘k.

    If you can use a Middle School Gossip as a Benevolent Butterfly and not get burned, congratulations, grasshopper, you have mastered the way of the network.

    ((Anyone offended, note the Funny tag in the entry. I’m being a Stereotypical Internet Male ™. Any truth is completely coincidental. Also, fix your link to CBro. I understand “Good people” are hard to find but actually linking to a “not found” page is taking the joke a little too far ;). ))

  3. 3 thebeginner May 6, 2007 at 11:32 am

    The self obsessed commenter.
    One that spends half the day adding replies to other people’s posts, not with any relevant input but for the sole purpose of having people go their blog.
    “As I just wrote in a recent post…”
    Check out my latest post on this subject! 🙂

  4. 4 Invincible Domains May 6, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    This is a decent thread.
    I want to bring voice to these socially networked hubs.

    A simple V-xml api of some sort to add to like xing or linkedin or telecomcareers would be epic. I spoke with a few previously but the space and ability to turn your standard text messaging into voice messaging would be a very simple transition. Why are we still typing when we would always rather hear the voice.

    Why hasn’t anybody came out with the social networking community that has total voice capability built into it.

    The base and foundation is there.


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